Decisions in the U.S., are not taken in Washington: Trump era will soon be over!


Behind the news we hear on TV, or read online, concerning U.S.A., we make an assumption. We falsely draw the conclusion that Washington is the place where Trump's decisions affecting world politics, are taken.

We are convinced, that the U.S., is so powerful (and there are many tangible reasons why to believe in that), that we tend to forget the inner shortcomings of the American society. America, faces huge socioeconomic problems, at the same time when many of its states go through an unprecedented boom in their GDP's (Gross Domestic Product).

At the moment we speak America has 2 states, which can influence its inner political and financial situation, like two bombs ready to explode at no time. Texas and California are the two major players in the U.S.A., even if no one tends to think of that, or pay much attention.

Texas is the second largest (by area and population) state in the U.S., after Alaska, and California the third largest across the country. Even though they operate under different policies, those two states seem to have lots in common, as well as holding America's future.

Given the inefficiency of the U.S. government, those two states are likely to determine the results of the forthcoming elections in the country.

California is a high-tax state, where government middles in tackling problems, when at the same time Texas is a low-tax and low-regulation state, where employment seems to be much more promising. In California unemployment and homelessness are in so high level, that the U.S., will have to deal with a monster and still I doubt if they can face it.

Nevertheless, California's GDP and Texas GDP as well, are both so high, they can compete with whole nations. And besides that, those two states have a preview on how America's future will be considering migration issues and demographic data. In California and Texas, Hispanics are almost 40% of the two states' population, double the national average. Both states educate nearly a quarter of all American kids, most of them non native English speakers. In both states, Republicans thrive. Texas has recently started to reach California's population and pay attention to education that is in a low-condition, as it was in California some years ago, before the state decided to invest on education by enhancing some of today's outstanding universities.

The two states can exchange their assets, thus creating a viable model Americans would find interesting and prosperous. For example, low-tax and better employment conditions, plus housing prices which are extremely low in Texas on the one hand, and investment in education that first started in California, plus providing the space for talented minds from all around the world to create and invest on future (Google, Facebook, Uber, Tesla and Netflix = Silicon Valley) on the other hand, can be really promising for the future of these two states.

In other words, Americans are most likely to gather in those two states in the next few years, meaning that they will also have to adjust, to the proximity of California and Texas to Mexico, and the fact that as mentioned above, in both states population already consists of a huge number of non-native English speakers.

According to the strict and non-flexible laws America follows currently on migration issues, this fact can create a "whirlwind" of events leading America to a decision of change that cannot be held under the current republican and conservative political platform.

U.S. politics are on the threshold of a huge change, even if no one wants to admit it. Texas and California, by becoming even more crowded in the next years, while providing Americans with assets that no other state can afford, means they will have to adjust to social conditions, already existing in these states, that they were not used to. The outcome of such a mixture might be a surprising political experiment, dismantling U.S. and rebuilding it from scratch.

Any super-leader who doesn't take that under consideration, will soon have to deal with irrevocable changes...

                        written by Themis Panagiotopoulou, PhD in Political Science

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