Syria...a never ending battlefield!


In 2010, the Arab spring has started, and a revolutionary wave against regimes which did not show respect for human rights, took place in countries like Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Libya and Egypt.

This movement operated under the doctrine known as "Ash-sha'ab yurid iskat an-nizam", which means that people want the regime to fall.

Bashar-al-Assad in Syria, maintained a brutal and extremely harsh practise against demontrators and transformed the local protests into a massive social uprising.

In 2012, one could talk about a massive civil war in Syria, with soldiers being executed, for denying to fire upon non-combatants. The Jihadists mostly support the opposing Syrian party and the Ashad regime gained support since day one, from Hezbollah, Iran and Russia.

The United States, England, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, gave support to the "mediocre" opposing powers which "fought" against the Islamic state, by initiating operations in Syria and thus, profiteering from the continuation of a war that caused the death of more than 200.000 people until now and more than 4.000.000 millions refugees.

All the different parties involved in this war, have used chemical weapons, annihilating the city, which once used to be the most astonishing city in the world, as my grandfather was always telling me, when he described me the warmth of the Syrian people, their culture, their captivating monuments and their fantastic delicacies, which i had the lack to taste, before the country got totally destroyed.

The syrian civil war map, if on has a look at it, is so complicated, that it seems that even the main players of this deadly game have lost track of their goals, but still continue to damage the country's cultural legacy and the moral courage of those who remain still alive.

Images of people being killed, of dead bodies of 5-year olds and of kids playing through destroyed buildings cause horror. But yet, pictures are not enough to put an end to this nightmare-crime.

The islamic state has been deprived of the controlling areas it used to have and the Jihadists lost power. But what happened to the demonstrations against Ashad? What happened to those people fighting for human rights which the Bashar-al-Ashad regime deprived them of?

When he gained power, Ashad was bound to bring democracy to his country. But very soon, he followed his father's steps, he showed indifference for human rights, posed limitations to his dissidents and used force to confront with them.

Tomorrow a new day beggins in the world. Tomorrow will it be a new day for Syria? It will. Amidst dead bodies, pain, catastrophy, ruins, suffering and a difficult to answer question: when is this torture going to end?

                              written by Themis Panagiotopoulou, PhD in Political Science

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